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Saturday, June 23, 2012

High waisted bikini!!

OK... so I have been wanting a high waisted bikini for such a long time now, but every place that I look online are either sold out or they are just way to expensive... So I decided to take a look on pinterest to get some ideas, and I found this girls blog that gave me the idea to make my own! So here it is... I had the swimming suit and the elastic already, so this project didn't cost me a thing (just my time, but it was worth it). What you need to get started: swimming suit (one piece), elastic that is ok for swimwear, sewing machine, scissors.

Try suit on and fold over to see where you want it to sit on you, when you cut give yourself extra fabric to fold over for elastic.

 cut top off and then measure elastic around where the swimming suit is going to sit on your body.
 join elastic, do a x to make it stronger
 sew elastic in, you can use a zig zag stitch, I used a twin needle it just made it much faster.

 fold elastic with fabric so it is not exposed, sew around again I used a twin needle

Hope this inspires some summer projects!!


  1. SO freaking cute!!!! I love it with the floral top!!!

  2. Thank you so much!! It was really a fun project!

  3. Where did you buy the swimming suits? I wanna make one of these and just found your blog!

    1. I've had the polka dot swimming suit for years.. but it is from target, and so is the floral top.

  4. What kind of thread is best?

  5. You did a great job with it! I totally love high-waisted bikinis and it has been a dream of me to own one.

  6. Hi Chrissy! Awesome job! What is the thread that you used and suggest?

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